Give REFSIX PRO as a Gift

REFSIX PRO gives referees access to all the best features of REFSIX to help them in their refereeing career. You can now buy a e-gift card for yourself or a friend to give them access to the full benefits of REFSIX PRO. E-gift cards come in either £10, £25 or £50 denominations.

Once a referee redeems this gift card they will get these added features:

- Positioning Heatmap and Card Map.

- Distance covered in each half, every 5 minutes as well as the distance walked, jog, run and sprinted.

- Multiple timer options.

- Team colours.

- View season statistics.

- Able to referee games with thirds and quarters.

Currently e-gift cards are only available in GBP and for Annual Subscriptions only, please e-mail us at should you wish to purchase an e-gift card in a different currency.