The 7 best presents for Referees this Christmas

Looking for a gift for that Referee in your life? Friend, partner, son or daughter we've got you covered.  We scoured around for the best presents you could buy for that person who gives up countless hours and weekends to give back to the game we all love.  Here's our rundown of the best presents for Referee's this Christmas:

1. BootBuddy - Around £15

Sick and tired of dirty football boots traipsing mud everywhere? The BootBuddy is a great gift for referees and players alike.  A small tool that will fit in any referees bag, that can be filled with water and used straight after a match to get those boots sparkling again.  It's super easy to use and will even prolong the life of their boots.  Don't just take our word for it, the 15 year-old entrepreneur behind the business received funding from 3 Dragon's on the BBC's hit-show Dragon's Den.

2. A new Smartwatch - £109.99-£429.99


Watches used to be just for keeping time, but now they're so much more.  Since Apple launched the Apple Watch in 2015 there has been tons of innovation in the area, now watches have apps that allow you to respond to text messages, listen to music and even help you referee games (you'll hear about that one below).  Depending on the mobile phone the referee has they can use either an Apple Watch (for iPhones) or an Android Wear watch (for Android phones) to record their fitness, heart rate and a multitude of other activities.  To save you time, we have written a guide on the best ones on the market.

3. A signed copy of Howard Webb's Autobiography

One of the best referee's to grace the Premier League. Howard Webb's honest account is a must read for any budding or aspiring referee.  The man who refereed the World Cup final discusses everything from his very first game to the infamous Nigel De Jong incident. He explains how he learned to handle some of the game's superstars. Refereeing is a hard business, but Webb shows just why he enjoyed it so much and provides fascinating insights into how he dealt with the most challenging situations. With his unique perspective on the game, and the characteristic honesty he has displayed as a pundit on BT Sport, Webb has written a book that reveals the game - and the man himself - in a new light.  You can get your hands on a signed copy of his Autobiography from A&H International. 

4. Blackout Boots - £15-£40 

Football boots are designed for players and come in a wide range of bright colours. It's hard for a referee to find a nice pair of boots in black.  A company called AM Blackout provide a service to get your footballs boots professionally customised or blacked out at an affordable price. 

Either get your boots customised or purchase a pre-blackedout pair directly from AM_Blackout.

They've worked with referees at all levels from Sunday League all the way to the Football League.

5. Altitude Training Mask - £89.99 


Altitude training masks are being used by athletes all over the world in gyms and on the track to help increase stamina and improve endurance.  By combining a training mask in to workouts athletes are able to decrease the impact of fatigue and improving stamina.

6. Red and Yellow Card Cufflinks - £14.95 


Weddings, conferences, RA meetings, in-service training or match day attire can be brought to life with these great Red and Yellow card cufflinks.  

7. REFSIX app - £50 per year

Ok so we might be biased here.  REFSIX is an app for football referees to use on their Smartwatch.  Whether it's an Apple or Android Wear watch, the app allows referees to record match incidents like goals, cards and subs during matches as well as track their physical performance.  They can see how far they've covered in each half, their positioning on the pitch in a heat-map and how far they walk, jog, run and sprint.  Oh and it allows them to keep track of time too, with 108 different timing options perfect for referees.  This is the perfect gift for any referee!  

Hassan Rajwani