The REFSIX Podcast

The REFSIX podcast is a show about the people who are involved in the world's biggest sport but don't often get seen, unless they make a mistake. Join host Hassan Rajwani as he sits down with football (soccer) referees at all levels of the game to discuss their journey, key refereeing topics in the game (such as VAR) and everything else refereeing! You'll also hear him quiz professional players on the laws of the game. 


Lukas Brud the CEO of IFAB

The International Football Association Board (IFAB)'s mission is to serve the world of football as the independent guardian of the Laws of the Game. As the only body authorised to decide and agree changes to the Laws of the Game, they listen to the football community, with the goal to improve and develop the game for players, match officials and fans while protecting and strengthening the spirit and simplicity of football.

We caught up with the CEO of IFAB, Lukas Brud, to discuss how laws get changed in football, how VAR was developed and what changes we might see in future years.

MLS and PRO Referee Alan Kelly

2 time MLS Referee of the Year Alan Kelly recently hit the milestone of refereeing 100 MLS games. We chat with the highly-experienced referee to talk about his career, starting out in Ireland, becoming a FIFA official refereeing in the Champions League and his MLS career. Alan also shares his views on VAR and his experiences with it over the last year. One not to be missed!


Tournament's Abroad founders Daniel Curcio and Matthew Day

Tournaments Abroad is a non-profit organisation that aims to unite referees with international tournaments with the objective of expanding their refereeing experience and meeting new cultures both on and off the pitch. Hassan talks with Daniel and Matthew about their journey.

Deryll David, George Lowe and Alex Bradley from the RAFA Youth Council

The Referees Association and the Football Association set up the The RA-FA Youth Council in 2012 to help both organisations improve the recruitment and retention of young people in Refereeing. We sit down with their Chair, Deryll David and the Vice-Chair's George Lowe and Alex Bradley to find out how the Youth Council has progressed and what activities they are involved with to help achieve their mission. You can visit them at



FIFA Futsal World Cup Final Referee Marc Birkett

We sit down with Marc Birkett, the Referee Development Officer at Nottinghamshire County Football Association and one of England's top Futsal officials. He has refereed for over 20 years and shares his experiences with us about his career, his futsal journey and advice he has for up and coming referees.  Simply click play below to listen or download from Podcasts on your iPhone or on Anchor.