Upgrade to PRO at anytime

  • Create matches for 5-a-side to 11-a-side football
  • Choose half length from 5 mins to 45 mins as well as the half time interval
  • Ability to select if the match has extra time or penalties
  • Create templates of matches for different competitions
  • Add lineups for the game
  • Record match incidents during the match using your smartwatch
  • Option to record goal scorers if you wish
  • Access to a continuous timer, additional time timer and half time timer
  • See all match incidents on your phone after the match
  • See your total distance covered
£50 per year or £5 per month
Free 30-day trial

  • Every feature in the Free tier
  • Choose from multiple timer options, you can select from Countdown timer, Countup timer, Elapsed timer and Additional timer, showing two or three timers at a time
  • Select team colours for matches.
  • View your heatmap after matches
  • Location of your cards on the pitch
  • View distance covered in each half as well as distance every 5 minutes
  • View distance of walking, running, jogging and sprinting
  • View season statistics screen
  • Able to referee games with quarters.