"REFSIX makes administration easy and it's great for keeping a full match record."

- Craig Thompson, Level 4 Referee

"With the current and future features, it is an exciting piece of kit."

- James Charlton, Level 6 Referee

"The REFSIX app makes it easy for me to manage all match details in one place: subs, cards, match/injury time and the goal scorers. It's also very interesting to see the statistics afterwards, because it gives you a good overview on how your card management was compared to other games (the average).

- Jan Ter Hamsel, The Dutch Referee Blog

“I like REFSIX because it allows me to keep my eyes on the game while logging key match incidents, and having game records all in one easy place for future reference.”

- Eray Durson, US Referee

“I’d just like to say using your product over the last month has been amazing and I really love it.”

- Harvey Newstead, Level 8 Referee