The app for Referees

REFSIX helps referees record match incidents during games and track their physical performance. Trusted by referees in more than 5,000 matches every month.

Available on Apple Watch, Android WearOS and Samsung watches.


Record match incidents

The REFSIX smartwatch app lets you leave your notebook behind and effortlessly record key match incidents as they happen on the pitch:

  • Record cautions and dismissals with player and reason

  • Log goals and scorers

  • Manage substitutions

  • Keep track of the game and injury times



Measure your performance

Upgrade to REFSIX PRO to measure a variety of data points during your match to give you greater insight into your performance after matches. Currently we show you data about the distance you cover, a heatmap to show your positioning and detailed information about your speed during the game.


Available for watches that have GPS.



Track your career

As you record more matches through REFSIX we build trends about your season.  With REFSIX PRO you can see a number of trends from your career including the total distance you’ve covered across all your matches, the position where you give most cards, the average percentage of a match you sprint and much more. You can find all of the features in our Trends area here.

*Currently available with REFSIX PRO 



We have two different ways for you to use REFSIX, a free version and a PRO version.  Here are all of the different features available on both the Free and Pro versions:

Upgrade to PRO at anytime

  • Create matches for 5-a-side to 11-a-side football
  • Choose half length from 5 mins to 45 mins as well as the half time interval
  • Ability to select if the match has extra time or penalties
  • Create templates of matches for different competitions
  • Add lineups for the game or use the number keyboard during the match
  • Record match incidents during the match using your smartwatch
  • Option to record goal scorers if you wish
  • Access to a continuous timer, additional time timer and half time timer
  • See all match incidents on your phone after the match
  • See your total distance covered
£50 per year or £5 per month

  • Every feature in the Free tier
  • Choose from multiple timer options. You can select from Countdown timer, Countup timer, Elapsed timer and Additional timer, showing two or three timers at a time
  • Select team colours for matches.
  • View your heatmap after matches
  • Location of your cards on the pitch
  • View distance covered in each half as well as distance every 5 minutes
  • View distance of: walking, running, jogging and sprinting
  • View season statistics screen
  • Able to referee games with quarters.

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