Smartwatches that work with REFSIX


Watches for Android phones:

Our core functionality is supported on all Android WearOS watches when paired to Android phones. Here is some information about a few of the more popular ones:

Watch GPS Heart Rate REFSIX Core Functionality 1 REFSIX Performance Tracking 3
Ticwatch S & E Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ticwatch Pro Yes Yes Yes Yes
Huawei Watch 2 Sport Yes Yes Yes Yes
Polar M600 Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fossil Smartwatches Yes Yes Yes Yes
Moto 360 Sport Yes Yes Yes Yes
LG Watch Sport Yes Yes Yes Yes


Watches for iPhones:

Note that we don't current support WearOS watches paired to iPhones.

Apple Watch GPS Heart Rate Price Range REFSIX Core Functionality [1] REFSIX Performance Tracking [2]
Series 4 Yes Yes High Yes Yes
Series 3 Yes Yes Medium Yes Yes
Series 2 Yes Yes Medium Yes Yes
Series 1 No Yes Low Yes No [3]

We have an article from December 2017 that discusses some of these watches including photos of the app running on them here.


[1] Core feature includes recording all match details and incidents. Access to basic statistics that are not related to physical performance i.e. average numbers of cards given.

[2] Performance tracking features include distance covered per game, for each half as well as every 5 minutes, heatmap and other performance metrics.

[3] Apple Watch Series 1 can use our Performance Tracking technology if the referee keeps their iPhone with them during the match.


Watches that we don't current support

We are always looking to add support for popular new watches. If you are interested in support for one of these please get in contact via the 'Support' button on the bottom right and keep you updated. Unfortunately we don't currently support the following watches:

  • Samsung watches that run Tizen OS

  • Fitbit watches (Ionic & Versa)

  • Garmin watches


  • Android watches that say 'works with Android and iOS' or 'runs Android' but doesn't specify that it runs WearOS or Android Wear. These are normally much cheaper watches and have a custom operating system and no Play Store.