Pairing Samsung Watch or WearOS watches


  • You have installed the REFSIX app on your phone (at least version 3.0.0 for WearOS and 3.1.0 for Samsung)

  • You have installed the REFSIX app on your WearOS watch from the Play Store or from Samsung Galaxy Apps on your Samsung Watch

Pairing your Watch with your REFSIX account

  • Open REFSIX on your WearOS or Samsung watch

  • Swipe down on the main screen to reveal the menu

  • Tap on ‘Matches’

  • You will see a code to pair your watch

  • Open the REFSIX app on your phone

  • If you are an existing user

    • Open the Menu and navigate to Settings

    • Scroll down and tap on ‘Manage your watches’

    • Click ‘Add New Watch’

  • If you are a new user:

    • Register for REFSIX on your mobile device

    • Once registered you will be asked to select your smartwatch

  • Select the ‘WearOS by Google’ or Samsung depending on your device

  • Input the code you see on your watch in the boxes provided

  • Click ‘Pair Watch’

  • Once successful tap done on your watch