Reach the next level with REFSIX PRO

You don’t have to be the best – you just have to want the best.
REFSIX PRO is everything you need to achieve the next level.


Track your performance like never before

We pride ourselves on having the most advanced Referee tracking algorithms on any fitness or smartwatch on the market.  That's because we've designed all of our algorithms to understand exactly how referees move on a pitch unlike other watches who focus on runners.  Refereeing isn't just running and our app is smart enough to understand that.  After games we show you your positioning on the pitch through our heatmap, how far you've covered during the game broken down by half as well as what your activity was during to achieve that distance.  Our performance tracking technology is unparalleled and will help you break down your performance to find that extra 1% you need to reach your aspirations.

The game runs on your time

Access enhanced timing options with REFSIX PRO.  You can choose to show two or three timers on your watch face from: countdown timer, countup timer, elapsed timer and an additional time timer. You can set the elapsed timer to continue on from the second half or reset to 0. REFSIX PRO also supports matches played with quarters.  Team colours can be shown on the watch face to help you quickly identify the teams on the pitch.

Season statistics at a glance

As you record more matches through REFSIX we build statistics about your season.  With REFSIX PRO you can see a number of stats from the number of games you've officiated, to the average number of yellow and red cards you've shown. Our statistics will keep you informed about your performance effortlessly.


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